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If your broken washing machine has you running to the laundromat, then Edgewater Parts has the solution for you. We offer a huge selection of replacement parts for washing machines for top brands like Whirlpool, Maytag, LG, GE, and more. Don’t waste money on a new washer when a few quick and easy repairs could save your old model and save you hundreds of dollars. From drive belts to drain pumps, we carry a vast selection of appliance repair parts to get your washer back in working order.

Our expedited shipping and no-hassle 30-day return policy make shopping online a breeze. If you know the manufacturer or part number for the broken piece, simply enter that information into our search feature to find all the matching parts that will work with your appliance. Best of all, get parts delivered right to your door with fast shipping in the continental U.S.
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LA094 - Green Stripe Hose Washer, 12 Pack (6 Pack) DC60-40137A Spider Hex Bolts for Samsung Washing Machine DC60-40137A Spider Hex Bolt for Samsung Washing Machine
LA094 - Green Stripe Hose Washer, 12 Pack
OUR PRICE: $3.08
Savings: $5.92
W10250667 Suspension Spring AGM73610701, AP5331994, PS3618292 Magnetic Door Plunger For LG Washer (Fits Models: 796, WM2, WM3, WM8, WM9 And More) 134844410: Selection Knob
AGM73269501, AP5202486, PS3618281 Inlet Valve Filter Kit For LG Washer (Fits Models: 796, WM2, WM3, WM8 And More) 131763310 Door Strike Frigidaire Washer Fast Shipping WH01X10310 Control Knob
131763310 Door Strike Frigidaire Washer
OUR PRICE: $7.88
Savings: $8.07
8082050 WH01X24381, AP6004904, PS11736833 Bezel For GE Washer (Fits Models: GTW, HTW And More) 211124  PUMP BELT
211124 PUMP BELT
OUR PRICE: $8.00
Savings: $7.25
5220FR2006H Inlet Water Valve 389140, WP389140 Whirlpool Tub Block Drive 383727, WP383727 Main Outer Tub Seal
5220FR2006H Inlet Water Valve For LG washer
OUR PRICE: $8.31
Savings: $11.14
389140, WP389140 Whirlpool Tub Block Drive
OUR PRICE: $8.55
Savings: $11.40
383727, WP383727 Main Outer Tub Seal
OUR PRICE: $8.75
Savings: $6.25
4901ER2003A: Damper Assembly 3949238: Lid Switch W10006384, WPW10006384  Belt for Whirlpool washer
4901ER2003A: Damper Assembly
OUR PRICE: $8.75
Savings: $11.20
285770 AGITATOR DOGS KIT 211125 DRIVE BELT WH02X24399, AP5999576, PS11729471 Lid Lock Striker For GE Washer (Fits Models: GTW, HTW And More)
211125 Drive Belt for Maytag Washer
OUR PRICE: $8.95
Savings: $7.00
134937300, AP4365553, PS2345126 Door Strike For Frigidaire Washer (Fits Models: EIF, EWF And More) 131686100  Drive Belt for  Frigidaire, Electrolux Washer 285811, AP3138838, PS3344650 Agitator Cam Repair Kit For Maytag Washer (Fits Models: LSR, LXR, TAW, LSC, LA5 and More)
8082050 21001598 SPRING 21001478, WP21001478 WASHING MACHINE DRIVE BELT FOR Maytag,Whirlpool, AMANA,
8182080 Handle for a whirlpool washer
OUR PRICE: $9.66
Savings: $17.69
21001598 Spring for Whirlpool Herrin Washer
OUR PRICE: $9.88
Savings: $9.07
280145, W10820039  Hub Kit, 3362624 Timer Knob FOR WASHER 35-3662 BELT FOR MAYTAG & WHIRLPOOL WASHER
280145, W10820039 Hub Kit
OUR PRICE: $9.95
Savings: $22.55
3362624 Timer Knob for Washer
OUR PRICE: $9.95
Savings: $19.05

Order Replacement Parts for Your Washing Machine Online

Even new and top-of-the-line washing machines break down from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on a replacement machine. Most problems can be fixed by ordering the right washing machine repair parts and using a bit of elbow grease. This inexpensive solution is made even easier and more affordable when shopping online from a recognized dealer in quality appliance parts, such as Edgewater Parts.

From drains and inlet valves to knobs and drum belts, we carry a vast selection of parts for all your household appliances. We carry hose extensions, tub seals, split rings, pump belts, O-rings, and more. Find Maytag washer parts, or parts for your Whirlpool washing machine, right here. With so much to offer, you'd have a hard time finding a washing machine replacement part that we don't carry.

Save yourself a trip to the laundromat, and whatever you do, don’t go around in dirty clothes! Order washing machine parts online today and take advantage of our fast shipping. If you are not completely satisfied, ask for a replacement or full refund. No questions asked.