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DE64-01308A, AP4224485, PS4229162 Door Latch For Samsung Microwave Oven (Fits Models: SMH, 401, ME1, ME2 And More) WB10X10021, AP2020315, PS230891 Door Latch For GE Microwave (Fits Models: SCA, JVM, 363 And More) WB10X32782, AP6890374, PS12725571 Door Latch For GE Microwave (Fits Models: AVM, JNM,  JVM, RVM And More)
WB02X11096, AP3682051, PS952070 Door Latch For GE Microwave (Fits Models: JVM, JE1, HVM, JNM  And More) 5304477389, AP4553585, PS2582995 Door Latch For Frigidaire Microwave (Fits Models: 790, CFM, CPB, FFM, LFM And More) 5304440314, AP3767935, PS979580 Door Latch For Frigidaire  (Fits Models: FMV, PLM, GLM, CFM, CGM And More)
WB15X335  Microwave Oven .Door Handle WB15X10023  Micro.Door Handle
WB15X10023 Microwave oven Door Handle
List Price: $55.00
OUR PRICE: $42.55
Savings: $12.45