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Dishwasher Parts

Are your dishes still dirty even after you run the dishwasher? Is your dishwasher making strange noises or just stopping halfway through a wash cycle? Then it's time for some repairs. At Edgewater Parts we have all the dishwasher replacement parts you need to get your appliance back to running like new.

Modern dishwashers are full of custom components you just won’t find at the local hardware store. That's why we carry an extensive selection of dishwasher parts for all the most popular brands, such as Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, Frigidaire, and more. From door switches to inlet valves, we have just about everything needed to repair a broken dishwasher. With fast shipping in the continental U.S., you can quickly get back to enjoying clean dishes without the hassle of handwashing everything after each meal.

Not sure what part you need? Don’t worry. Our 30-Day No Hassle Returns policy allows you to shop with the confidence of knowing that if it’s not the right fit, you can send it back. Browse our selection of dishwasher parts today so you can save money and stop eating off dirty plates!

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WD12X10277 Dishwasher Axle - GE 154174501, AP2135554, PS452448 Rack Roller For Frigidaire Dishwasher (Fits Models: FDB, PLD, GPD, MDB, F71 And More) (4 Pack) WD12X10231, AP3994981, PS1481883 4 Pack Roller Assembly For GE Dishwasher (Fits Models: GLD, GHD, ZBD And More)
4393442 DOOR Switch W10082853: Tine Pivot W10273460  Swivel Fitting
Edgewater Parts 4393442 DOOR Switch
OUR PRICE: $8.75
Savings: $11.20
165314  Wheels for Bosch Dishwasher WD8X227/WD8X228 COR GASK KIT 00428344, AP5263608, PS3498606 Tine Clip Kit For Bosch Dishwasher
8268785, AP6012257, PS11745464 Upper Dishrack Wheel For Whirlpool Dishwasher (Fits Models: KUD) W10083957V: Chopper Assembly For Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Kenmore dishwashers. WD12X10327 Roller & Stud Asm Kit
902894 Dishwasher Door Gasket W10158291: SET OF 2 Door Cable WD12X10074 Lower Rack Roller
WD12X10136 Dishrack Roller-GE WD12X10267 Rack Roller Wheel-GE WD8X227  Right Side only Door Baffle
4171694 THERMOSTAT 8539324 Spray Arm Mount WD7X14, AP2038829, PS263918 Dishwasher Door Cable For GE Dishwasher (Fits Models: GSD, HDA, GSC And More)
4171694 Thermostat for Whirlpool Dishwasher
OUR PRICE: $9.95
Savings: $14.70
WD12X10304 END CAP FOR GE DW 8268743, WP8268743 Wheel for Whirlpool W10195416, WPW10195416 Wheel Assembly for Whirlpool Dishwasher
W10195839, WPW10195839 Adjuster Strap for Whirlpool Dishwasher W10195840: Rack Adjuster (POSITIONER) 4933DD3001B  Door Cable for LG DISHWASHER
W10240513 , AP4514459, PS2579805 LID Lock Strike For Whirlpool Washer 8194001 Link for Whirlpool Dishwasher 154430501: Door Spring for Frigidaire/ Electrolux

Dishwasher Replacement & Repair Parts

Dishwashers are amazingly convenient; however, finding the right parts for these time-saving appliances can be a headache. With so many different models and manufacturers, making sure you have the right part is crucial. After all, no one wants to spend hundreds or even thousands on a new appliance when swapping out a single broken piece could save you time and money.

Whether you are looking for something specific or just want to stock up on parts for the future, we have you covered. Here you can find Whirlpool dishwasher parts for both the latest models, as well as older models in need of repair. We carry everything from the electronic control boards to simple parts such as door gaskets and rack rollers. We also carry Frigidaire parts and parts for all the major brands, so you don't have to settle for inferior or incorrectly matched items.