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A contactor is an electromechanical device that helps control the flow of electricity in a central air conditioner. It acts as a switch, allowing the current to pass through or interrupt the electrical circuit. The air conditioner contactor prevents overload, protects the compressor, and helps regulate the cooling process.

When the thermostat signals the air conditioner to start cooling, the central air conditioning contactor receives an electrical signal from the control board. The central AC contactor's electromagnet is then energized, pulling down the contactor's armature, allowing the electrical current to flow. This action engages the compressor and other components to start the cooling process. When the desired temperature is reached, the electrical signal is cut off, de-energizing the central air contactor and stopping the flow of electricity.
Like any other air conditioning part, central air contactors can develop issues over time. Look out for these signs which may indicate a faulty contactor:
  • Frequent system cycling or short cycling.
  • Unresponsive air conditioner, even if other components are working fine.
  • Loud buzzing or humming noises coming from the air conditioner.
  • Hot or burned marks on the contactor or suspicious electrical smells.

Regular maintenance is key to optimizing the performance of your central AC contactors. Edgewater Parts offers the best central air conditioner contactors for your needs, whether you're a HVAC contractor or a homeowner troubleshooting your cooling system. We offer a one-year money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with this air conditioning replacement part. Order online today!

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90290 Fan Relay Supco Supco DP20242 - CONTACTOR 20A 24V 2 POLE [ Supco DP30241 - CONTACTOR 30A 24V 1.5 POLE
90290 Fan Relay Supco
OUR PRICE: $14.50
DP30241: Contactor
OUR PRICE: $22.65
DP25242: Supco Contactor DP25241: Contactor Supco Supco DP252403 - CONTACTOR 25A 240V 3 POLE
DP25242: Supco Contactor
List Price: $39.00
OUR PRICE: $22.65
Savings: $16.35
DP25241: Contactor Supco
OUR PRICE: $22.95
Supco DP301201 CONTACTOR 30A 120V 1.5 POLE DP301202: Contactor Supco Supco DP301203 - CONTACTOR 30A 120V 3 POLE [
DP301201 Contactor
OUR PRICE: $24.55
DP301202: Contactor Supco
OUR PRICE: $24.55
Supco DP40243 - CONTACTOR 40A 24V 3 POLE Supco DP30243 - CONTACTOR 30A 24V 3 POLE Supco DP252402 CONTACTOR 25A 240V 2 POLE
DP252402, AP5640132 Contactor For Central Air Conditioner 25A 240V 2 Pole
List Price: $31.35
OUR PRICE: $26.85
Savings: $4.50
Supco DP30242 - CONTACTOR 30A 24V 2 POLE Definite Purpose Contactor 2 Pole 25 FLA 120 Volt Coil Supco FC4031 - FAN CENTER 40VA 120/208/240VAC ]
FC4031 - FAN CENTER 40VA 120/208/240VAC ]
List Price: $55.00
OUR PRICE: $38.57
Savings: $16.43