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WE1M654: Timer Knob 279280: Dryer Door Catch and Strike WB31M0016, AP2028040, PS244371 6" Range Drip Pan For GE (Fits Models: JSP, JP3, LEB, RB7, RS6 And More)
WE3X37: Rear Bearing 345675: Drum Belt WE12M22: Drum Belt
Edgewater Parts WE3X37: Rear Bearing
List Price: $15.00
OUR PRICE: $8.33
Savings: $6.67
WE12X82: Drive Belt WE1M481: Front Teflon Glides (4 Pack) WE09X20441: Lower Drum Felt Seal
WE12X82, WE12X10014 Drive Drum Belt For GE dryer
List Price: $21.88
OUR PRICE: $9.95
Savings: $11.93
WE09X20441, AP5949286, PS9861764 Lower Drum Felt Seal For GE Dryer
List Price: $23.10
OUR PRICE: $9.95
Savings: $13.15
W10269460: Door Switch WE12X10014, AP4379804, WE12X82, WE12X42, WE12X82P, PS2350043 Dryer Belt For GE Dryer (Fits Models: DDE, NVL, DLB, DDC, BJL And Many More) WE13X68: Glide Repair Kit
Edgewater Parts W10269460: Door Switch
List Price: $19.95
OUR PRICE: $9.95
Savings: $10.00
WE1X1263: Timer Knob WR23X23343, AP6892654 Light Switch For GE Refrigerator WE03X23881, AP6031713, PS11763056 Lint Screen For GE Dryer (Fits Models: GTD, GTX, HTX, YTD)
WR23X23343, AP6892654 Light Switch For GE Refrigerator
List Price: $25.95
OUR PRICE: $12.95
Savings: $13.00
WB02X10943, AP6981705 Microwave Charcoal Filter For GE Microwave Oven (Fits Models: JVM, CVM, PVM, ZSA And More) WE25X205: Drum Shaft & Bearing Kit WE12X49: Drive Belt
WE11X203: Restring Kit AP2042796  Flat Dryer Igniter Ignitor  For GE Dryer (Fits Models: DSX, NVL, DCL, DVL, WSM And More) WE12M24: Drive Belt
WE11X203, AP2620176, PS265619 1/2'' OD Restring For GE Dryer
List Price: $25.35
OUR PRICE: $16.77
Savings: $8.58
WE4X750: Igniter WB23T10015, AP3187983, PS236398 Sensor Probe For GE Oven (Fits Models: JTP, JS9, JSP, J2S, JDP And More) WE1X1264: Timer Knob
WE4X448: Flame Sensor WE03X10016, AP5793315, PS8756654 Roller And Shaft For GE Dryer (Fits Models: GFD, GHD, GTD And More) WE4X739: Igniter
WE1X1269: Control Knob WB49X10097, AP3188581, PS651544 Glass Microwave Turntable Plate For GE Microwave Oven (Fits Models: JVM, JEM, RVM, ZEM And More) WE4X444: Igniter

GE Repair and Replacement Parts

GE is one of the top names in the appliance world. The company makes exceptional products with amazing performance and durability. However, even the best-made machine wears down after repeated use, and sometimes a little elbow grease on DIY repairs can save you a lot of money. Get replacement and repair parts specifically designed to meet your needs with General Electric appliance parts that are factory certified to meet quality standards and ensure each part is safe to install. When it comes time to repair your GE appliance, you can rest easy knowing we carry the biggest selection of parts at the best prices.

We can help you fix just about any problem, from fridges that won't make ice to dryers that won't spin. Got a range that won't start, or a dryer that won't spin? Sounds like it's time to browse our array of replacement parts and get everything back to running like new. We’ve got dryer motors, ice makers, range ignitors, drum belts and everything else necessary to save you money on appliance repair. We make finding an exact replacement easy — just enter the full model number of your GE appliance in the search bar to find the specific replacement part that matches your model.